Respect to a life, no matter how small;
Compassion is the key to start doing good

Rescue is one of AFJ very first program; in fact, AFJ co-founders were met during the animal rescue activities of mount Merapi eruption. By the time goes on, it is our commitment to continue this rescue acticities to help the voiceless animals in danger and animals in need our help.

Well, rescue is actually the beginning of a long journey for the saved one, and we want to make sure that our supporters and also the people contacting and requesting help from Animal Friends Jogja understand about our rescue policy and priorities. Since the numbers of unwanted cats and dogs are increasing everyday, we need you to understand that AFJ is not a shelter and we need you to be involved in the rescue process.

The reasons and the causes of the problems are many, and sometimes doesn't make any sense for us. One of them, for example; is because the owners think that they didn't make a "good pet" anymore and they want to give it away. Many cats and dogs were rescued because they were dumped, stray, abandoned, have disabilities, hit by vehicles, been shot with a gun, and the rest of the list can go on and on and on ... These animals are victims of our crime, victims of our thought, and victims of human ego. Since animal welfare awareness in Indonesia is still below average, many people considered animals as comodities, animals as food, animals as something that human should be "overpowered" and ruled. We are here because we fight for the voiceless. Animals don't speak English, Chinese, Russian or Indonesian, but we believe that animals have feeling and they speak in one universal language, love.

AFJ Rescue Policy

Before report a case to AFJ, please make sure you have prepared camera to take pictures and(or) record videos and do your own private investigation to find about the truth Share us the photos / videos along with the background of the case Don't forget to include your real name, phone number, address, and email so we can contact you back and make sure you are a real person You can't just report a case and then dissapear. You have to accompany us during the whole process, it includes (if needed): location visit, rescue stage, adoption / fostering stage Please understand that the moment you report a case, it means you have a full responsibility to participate in the case We have only few people to work on reported case so we can't process all the incoming case neither directly response to you In this case, we need you to be pro-active by self-awareness act and try to be patient, consultate with us if you don't know what to do. We will give you a contact person. We never accept give away animals (hibah) and we are not a shelter Think about solutions and what's the best for the animals will always keep you strong. Cheers !!! *) If you have read and understand all the points above, you can start to act and save animals by yourself. If you really can do nothing and(or) you need any help from Animal Friends Jogja, please visit this link and fill the form available to report a case

Report a Case (Rescue Form)

Please read our rescue policy first before you send the form.
Mohon baca terlebih dahulu kebijakan lapor AFJ sebelum Anda mengisi formulir.

*) Required


We are simply friends who share similar views on treating non human animals with the respect and compassion they so rightly deserve.

Including the right to live free from unnecessary suffering and exploitation.

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Our location is strictly unpublished due to safety and educational reason. To visit us, please make an appointment by sending us a request email. Make sure you have read our FAQ section before sending an email. It might need time until we finally keep-in-touch

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