Volunteering Program

Like what Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

In AFJ, we believed that it need more than just a kind soul to be a volunteer, because volunteers offer more than their time, but their motivation, courage, commitment and dreams. Animal Friends Jogja will always welcome everyone who want to take part in our cause with our volunteering programs.

Volunteering is a non-formal way of learning, allowing you to test your boundaries, push your limits, expand your knowledge, explore diversity and meet people with the most diverse backgrounds. By volunteering at Animal Friends Jogja, you are not only gets the opportunity to develop practical skills and enhance their sense of initiative, but also have the opportunity to try out a wide variety of interests and possibilities.

The AFJ Volunteer Program is opened to public, through a filing selection and interview process before finally being given the opportunity to attend an orientation period before officially becoming a volunteer for Animal Friends Jogja.

AFJ is an organization specifically designed to help animals and the planet as a whole. We provide support for those who are not supported, voice for those who cannot speak.

Because this organization does not seek profits, AFJ has a lower budget than other type of company that is profit-oriented. That's where volunteer takes part, by provides the labor and support that we really need.

Everyone at AFJ works hard to ensure that our resources will be efficiently used to support our cause. We employ full-time staff and are paid to achieve our big goals, but it is the work of volunteers that enables AFJ to dedicate more of our resources effectively in the interest of animals. Instead of payment, volunteers get valuable life experiences, knowledge in areas of interest, and satisfaction in doing work that really makes a difference to the world.

Without volunteers, the costs of running this organization will be much greater, and the development of our causes will be significantly slower. Volunteers make AFJ more effective and efficient in completing our work, without volunteer contributions, AFJ will not exist.

AFJ believe that volunteers are the agent of change. Words can be as powerful as action when used to fight for this cause, to open people’s minds and conscience.

Volunteers don't have to travel around the world to help us spread the word about AFJ's Visions. When volunteers have positive experiences with their voluntary work, they often become voluntary spokespersons for AFJ in their social circles. Your own identity as an AFJ volunteer will give different perceptions to people near you, make them rethink and begin to open up to know more about this organization and the cause we are fighting for. By sharing direct experiences, volunteers help us spread the message and attract more volunteers to help our cause.

Our Volunteer Program is divided into four division.

  1. Campaign Division: plays a role in organizational communication efforts through social media, as well as in the streets. including the efforts of Animal Friends Jogja in dealing with the government and legal and legislative cases. Tasks include blog writing, social media content creation, designing and implementing social media campaigns, designing and implementing social experiments, conducting investigations, participating in demonstrations, and advocating legal cases.
  2. Home Care Division: plays a role in the care of animals in temporary home. The task is to prepare and serve animal food, keep the enclosure clean, walk the dog. and groom the cats / dogs.
  3. Education Division: playing a role in the efforts of Animal Friends Jogja to educate the community, conduct educational activities for school-age children and public.
  4. Spay and Neuter Division: acting in an effort to improve the welfare of street cats through spay and neuter activities. The task is to help veterinarians carry out non-medical actions (transfer animals to the operating table, clean temporary cages) during the spay and neuter process includes helping to administer patient intakes and out-takes and street feeding.

Here are some Volunteer's Task and Activities at Animal Friends Jogja:

  • Feed and water animals
  • Dog Walking
  • Bathe animals
  • Help intensive care for some animals
  • Create enrichment equipment / toys for animals
  • Clean animal areas / cages
  • Gather information / data about adopted animals
  • Find temporary homes for candidate animals
  • Introduce, deliver and carry out home visit follow-ups with new adopters and animals
  • Assistance for Education and Neuter Program
  • Documenting AFJ activities or events
  • General administration duties such as writing/mailing letters; receiving phone calls, text messages, and office visitors; stocktaking; creating/filling office displays, etc
  • Join radio program / talk shows to talk about AFJ
  • Research / write articles to be translated about animal welfare issues

If you are interested to become one of our dedicated volunteers, please REGISTER by filling the form available at the volunteer registration page. Please read our guidelines about how to become AFJ volunteer below.


  1. Visit the link provided below.
  2. Fill the form.
  3. We will contact you through mail/whatsapp for interview schedule.

We are simply friends who share similar views on treating non human animals with the respect and compassion they so rightly deserve.

Including the right to live free from unnecessary suffering and exploitation.

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