The fastest way you can support our animals is by making sure they are able to receive the first treatment

Our Sponsor an Animal program aims to ensure all animals in our halfway-house get the same opportunity in having enough funds to secure the first-hand treatment, daily needs and emergency medical bills. For various reasons, some of our supporters are not possible to directly contribute helping the animals, sponsorship program is the solution.

Within this program, we are giving the chance for our supporters who happened to have a special connection with one of our furry friends but can not adopt or fostered them at their house to routinely support them. By becoming a sponsor, you will be granted access to come visit & play with them and contact our homecare team to get the latest and updated news about your chosen companion animals.

There are three possible options to sponsor an Animal:

  1. Orang Tua Asuh (OTA) Program
  2. By becoming a virtual foster parent for your chosen animals, you are contributing to support their monthly basic needs

    • Dog per month support amount is: $30 / IDR 350.000
    • Cat per month support amount is: $20 / IDR 200.000

  3. Regular Donation Program
  4. Your support fund is not allocated only for 1 chosen animal but can also be used for other animals in need (more flexibility)

  5. Monthly Sponsorship
  6. Within this program, you may have more flexible options (amount) to support our animals:

    Animals Type

    Looking Good

    Feeling Good

    Enjoying Life

    Parasite Treatment & Grooming

    Annual Vaccination & Vitamins

    Spay/Neuter & Urgent Medical Bills


    USD5 / IDR 50.000

    USD15 / IDR 150.000

    USD30 / IDR 300.000


    USD15 / IDR 150.000

    USD30 / IDR 300.000

    USD50 / IDR 500.000

    Example: If you choose ËśLooking Good" package for a dog, it means you will donate $15 per month to pay for the monthly parasite treatment & grooming for 1 of AFJ dogs per month.

If you have decided which sponsoring options you will take, the next step is to decide:

Time Frame (how long you will be a sponsor)
  • 6 (six) months period
  • 12 (twelve) months period/li>
And select an animal
  • Select one of our furry friends from adoption list
  • Anonymous (you don't really mind specific one)
If your sponsor animal gets adopted before your sponsor period has ended, we will immediately notify and ask you to choose another companion

How to become OTA or join Monthly Sponsorship Program?

All you need to do is: By joining our sponsorship program, you will become a role model who will inspire and lead by example to others. By showing that despite unable to take care for an animal yourself, you can still help caring for these abused, neglected or abandoned animals and reduce the suffering they have experienced before.

If you have more questions about this program, please send us your questions to sponsor@animalfriendsjogja.org with subject: "Asking about Sponsorship Program". Also please help us to spread and share this program to any of your relatives who might be interested to help animals in our halfway-house.


We are simply friends who share similar views on treating non human animals with the respect and compassion they so rightly deserve.

Including the right to live free from unnecessary suffering and exploitation.

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