Animal Welfare is all about educated society

Education is probably the most important programs of our works. As an organization commited to improve the welfare of the animals, we need to know exactly what and why animal welfare is becoming a big issue in Indonesia. Based on the reason, we are implementing and running our education program throughout the society by teaching younger generation in a program named "Temanku Alam dan Satwa". Within this program, we feed the seed with the basic knowledge of compassion and being a responsible human being for another living beings.

We are also routinely participating in a Live Radio session (twice a week) in a national-wide scale Radio (RRI Pro2) to talk about human-animal issues and how should we take appropriate and responsible action as the solution. By helping people to understand the concept of respecting lives, hopefully it will also reduce the numbers of animals being exploited, abused or abandoned. Education is one of the most effective ways to do it.

Animal Friends Jogja is simultaneously voicing animals right and welfare issues to the society through online and offline activities. If you want to invite or collaborate with us for any events in your schools, universities, instances, or in specific seminars / workshops, please reach us by using this contact form or directly send us email to with subject: "Request for Education Program".


We are simply friends who share similar views on treating non human animals with the respect and compassion they so rightly deserve.

Including the right to live free from unnecessary suffering and exploitation.

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Our location is strictly unpublished due to safety and educational reason. To visit us, please make an appointment by sending us a request email. Make sure you have read our FAQ section before sending an email. It might need time until we finally keep-in-touch

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