Ban Masked Dancing Monkey

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~ 2020 ~

The #StopTopengMonkey (#BanMaskedDancingMonkey) Campaign is AFJ's commitment to fight for the welfare and preservation of Indonesian animals and their habitats through education and governmental lobbying, one of which is through the program "Jogja and Indonesia Free of Masked Dancing Monkey". As a form of support for the DIY Province in eradicating masked dancing monkey and realizing the DIY Province of Zoonotic Free.

What Happened?

Monkeys are taken from their natural habitat. Facing the risk of being exposed to human diseases, monkeys were trained cruelly and then exploited to make money for humans.

Funny-looking monkeys danced on the streets, actually experiencing inexhaustible torture and unknown to the audience. Since a baby monkey was confiscated from the forest after his family was killed by hunters. He was then sold to a coach, who then applied cruel training methods such as being hanged for hours, drowning, and beatings. So that the monkey that lives with trauma does not hurt the audience, the fangs are forcibly removed, without drugs using only end cut pliers.

Living with humans, and moving from one city to another without government supervision, monkeys that are zoonose animals can contract and transmit diseases to humans, namely;

Name of disease



Organ target


Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria

Aerosol / air in droplet form


Endo / ecto parasite


Faeces, direct contact

Digestive organs, skin

Simian retrovirus



Immune system


Children who are the main target of perpetrators of masked dancing monkey are very vulnerable to contracting. Moreover, from the AFJ investigation many perpetrators of masked dancing monkey came from West Java, areas that were not free from rabies. This is very worrying, considering that DIY is an area that is free of rabies.

How to Help?

Do not give money to the monkey buster!

Send a report to with the subject of the Laporan Topeng Monyet (Masked Dancing Monkey Report). Include details of the location, number of monkeys, number of actors and description of equipment and characteristics of the perpetrator. We will save your report to the government, as evidence there are still masked dancing monkey practices in Indonesia.

Help us stop cruelty against long-tailed monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) by signing the petition.

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We are simply friends who share similar views on treating non human animals with the respect and compassion they so rightly deserve.

Including the right to live free from unnecessary suffering and exploitation.

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