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Nowadays when you talk about saving animals most of the people would imagine the heroic act of physically pulling abandoned shattered animal out of a dark and dangerous place with round of applause from bystanders and praise of all the reposters online. What a lot of people doesn’t realise is there would not be a need of those often stressful acts, with proper education and precautions. Being a heroic person is amazing - being a heroic mankind is on the whole another level. That’s why it is so important to educate every generation, especially the future ones, about all the precautions that could help us become more caring, loving and understanding, making the world a better place.

Therefore on Thursday, 30th of August, our Education team went on a mission to spread an important message amongst the kids of Al-Azhar International Primary School campus about the cruelty happening in dolphin circuses. The pupils were treated a puppet show on the premises of the campus and even though it seemed for a while that the weather would not approve of this event, everything went as smooth as possible in the end.

Our team has prepared a show about a dolphin family living happily in the ocean until a moment when a fisherman boat spotted them and decided to catch them in hopes to sell them to the people working in a dolphin circus business. They managed to catch the baby dolphin and from that moment we can see observe the struggles of a free animal being kept for entertainment purposes with cruel practises like being fed only during the show with rotten fish while kept in a small pool. We are treated a view of this unfortunate animal and her feelings. The whole show graduates to a moment where our dolphin imagines how it would look the other way around - keeping the cruel circus runners as an entertainment, telling them what to do and feeding them only in exchange for tricks. In the final moments our puppet team urges children not to support these ways by not visiting any of the dolphin shows.

In spite of the fact there were dozens of children it was obvious they were hypnotised by our teams performance and paid attention through all the act. To challenge the kids our team prepared questions about cruelty prevention and picking one by one to give a chance of expressing their thoughts. Every brave kid was then given our story of the dolphin and it helped keeping them focused on the whole matter. Our team then played a video about compassion and love to every animal, in the video focusing on feeding of stray cats.

As we know kids and their problem with attention, we are proud to say our team managed to keep them all challenged and focused with high hopes of raising awareness and spreading love to animals amongst all of them. We would love to thank Al-Azhar International Primary School for letting us educate their pupils and show them the higher road of living and as well our educational team for taking all the time for practising and trying to bring the kids near to understanding the whole complex issue.

Remember, never cruel or cowardly and always with love and compassion!


We are simply friends who share similar views on treating non human animals with the respect and compassion they so rightly deserve.

Including the right to live free from unnecessary suffering and exploitation.

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