Chris & Brown (an Adopter Story)

Hi my name is Christopher and I would like to share my experience of adopting a dog from AFJ. I adopted my dog Brown from AFJ in 2017. We already knew Brown quite well because we would walk him a lot when we went to AFJ. We decided to adopt Brown because we thought he would be able to help in guarding the house as Rottweiler’s are usually very fierce

When we brought Brown back home it turned out he was very shy and he was scared of a lot of things. One day there was a power outage in our house and Brown got so scared he hid behind the sofa. Brown quickly became my best friend, he would follow me everywhere I went, if I sat down he would lay down next to me, if I stood up he would follow me. Brown was such an unique character, he was scared of everything but he is very passionate about coconuts and balls as if he were fighting for his life. Brown is very annoying when we want to eat food, on his first night of being in the house he stole some of my chicken while I wasn’t looking. Brown is very affectionate, he is always licking us and he loves affection. Brown is also very caring, whenever he thinks I’m getting hurt he’ll come over and start licking me all over. If we were to get another dog we would have to adopt one because we know how puppy mills treat the dogs and we didn’t want to support that. AFJ fit our criteria because they rescued dogs, nursed them back to health.

One problem we faced was getting Brown accepted into the house, the challenge was that our 3 dogs didn’t like the fact that we brought home a new dog. We searched up on the internet how to socialize our dogs, we tried everything but nothing worked. We were really desperate for Brown to get along with the other dogs because we wanted to move to a new house. Now nearly a year after trying to socialize them they have finally started to get along. It was our maid’s ridiculously brave idea which she did without us knowing that made them get along. Our maid basically forced them to hang out in our backyard together.

We thought that if we adopted Brown we would be helping Brown and AFJ. We would be helping Brown by providing him a home where he is loved and we would be helping AFJ by opening up space for another rescue dog. AFJ helps take care of stray animals and we really like what they do and we support it. We are also very grateful that AFJ helped nurse Brown when they found him abandoned.


We are simply friends who share similar views on treating non human animals with the respect and compassion they so rightly deserve.

Including the right to live free from unnecessary suffering and exploitation.

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